• This is my first treatment ever and I am not sure what to bring or what to wear ?
    Just bring your lovely self, nothing else ! If you’ve never had a massage before, be assured that I’ll take time to explain everything in detail and I’ll guide you along the way so there is nothing to worry about.


  • How much or how little clothes do you need me to wear during the treatment ?
    Ideally, for a full body massage, I would suggest you to remove all you clothes except your underpants. Fear not : you would be covered by a fluffy towel during the whole treatment, with me just uncovering the areas I am working on. However, if that still makes you uncomfortable, it is all fine, just let me know and we’ll have a talk about it.


  • I am pregnant, can I book with you?
    Yes. I am trained, regulated and insured in Pregnancy Massage. Please check my “Skills & Techniques” page if you need more information about it. I am able to receive pregnant ladies from their 2d trimester, up until the due date. Pregnancy Massage sessions are very popular, and can be very beneficial on a regular basis. 


  • I am below 18’s, can I book with you ?
    I am afraid I don’t perform massages on clients under the age of 18’s, sorry.


  • I don’t know if I am allergic to essential oils, but I would like to book an Aromatherapy massage, would that be a problem ?
    Absolutely not. After having picked the relevant essential oils to create our blend of the day. I’ll patch test you by putting one drop of the mix on your wrist and another one behind your ear. We’ll then check if there is any allergic reaction. Should redness or itching occur, I’ll redesign the blend for you. Otherwise we’ll proceed with the treatment.


  • Is there any contraindications to be receiving a massage ?
    Although they are few, they definitely do exist, and you can divide them in two groups : total contraindications, which means the treatment shouldn’t occur at all, or local contraindications, which means we would need to avoid or use caution around a certain areas of the body.
    * Total contraindications can be any infectious condition easily transmitted from person to person (acute flu, bronchitis, pneumonia…), or easily spread to other parts of the client’s or therapist’s body ( Ringworms, Candida, Scabies…). Massage is also a total contraindication with certain life threatening conditions that carry a high risk of reoccurrence. For example it is wise to wait few weeks after a heart attack or a stroke before booking an appointment. Deep vein thrombosis in the initial stage is also to be avoided until the medication dissolves the cloth. It is important to note that massage should also be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy.
    * Local contraindications apply with open, weeping or cut skin, as well as certain fungal infections like athlete’s foot. Inflammation, bruises and recent fractures, acute bursitis and strains, as well as certain stages of arthritis and rheumatism may require us to adapt the massage. In any case, should you be in doubt, please talk to your doctor before booking an appointment.


  • I have booked with you and am late for my appointment. What procedure should I follow ?
    First of all, please contact the Tree of Life Centre with this phone number to keep us in touch: 01273 220 159. Depending on your lateness and the other bookings of the day, we may not be able to provide you the full length of time you have booked for. If you’d rather book another day instead, please discuss with our receptionists and we’ll offer you an alternative.


  • I just had a treatment with you. I loved it. But now, it’s been few hours and I don’t feel at my best. Is that normal ?
    It is not rare to experience any of the following symptoms after a treatment ; dizziness, nausea, headache, achy muscles, redness, runny nose, heightened emotional state… It all has to do with the increased blood flow and the release of built up toxins triggered during your massage session. Should any of this state occur, please drink plenty of water and make sure you avoid alcohol and caffeine, as well as eat light meals and have plenty of rest to support your body in its detoxifying process.