• I am Eugény Couture. I was born in France in 1985. I live in Hove with my partner, and my cat Toto. One as been my partner since 2007, the other one since 2016. I let you guess who is who.
  • I worked as a Director Assistant in Animation in Paris for 6 years. It all went perfectly until it didn’t work that well anymore. This taught me how to be flexible and creative at reinventing my life. The wheel turns, I learnt.
  • My mother was a physiotherapist. When I was a little, she would bring me at her medical centre where I could spend time with nurses, doctors and clients. She always used to say she didn’t wish me to do the same job than her because that was too hard. Ah well…
  • I love chips. I could survive on chips. I celebrate big occasions buy buying a take away pack of chips. I eat them from the smallest to the biggest. I am ok to share but it upsets me when someone takes the longest one of my pack first.
  • My favourite birds are swallows. My favourite flowers are campanulas and lavenders. My favourite season is spring. I love the sea. I love cats. I have the habit to squeek in front of anything newly born.
  • I am a trained ballet dancer and I’ve sang in choirs since I am 6. When nobody watches, I like to incarnate Disney princesses. This mostly happens in the bathroom. Sometimes in the car.
  • I co-wrote a book, and the text of a mobile physical fresco. Both have been released and published. They are both talking about massage and bodywork. Ah no wait, no… They were in fact about Love.
  • I knit with my fingers and crochet mermaid blankets. It is like regular blankets, except that they have the shape of a mermaid tail. Which is cool. Everyone seems to agree that I should sell some. Sounds like a good idea except that I am not fast enough to make a profitable business out of it.
  • I have been told once by a famous astrologer who glanced at my chart that I was very special. I since studied astrology to try to understand why he said that. To this day, I am still searching…